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Friday, November 10, 2017

power balance

The stories of sexual assault cases in Hollywood continue to come into the light. The women who are brave enough to share their genuine and heartfelt stories have the world behind them.

What now? What about the perpetrators who committed these heinous acts? What will be their punishment for such indiscretions? Will the law hold them accountable for treating their positions of power like wishing wells to have and to take whatever they want? How do we make sure this does not happen again?

The real question should be how do we balance power in industries and communities where the power balance is greatly one-sided? Who stands to gain and who stands to lose? In a capitalistic society is this achievable?

History does not typically root for the underdog. It has been those wielding the bigger stick that has ruled, wrecked, and mastered the world.

What am I, are you, willing to give up, if anything, to rebalance power and give those voiceless a voice?


  1. Redemption and salvation of MANkind to be found in FEMALE leadership.

  2. Run, women, run!
    [Political office]

  3. It's a thought I have posited before on Twitter. Remove all male Leaders around the world and replace them with sane women. Its time to change this world for good before it's destroyed.