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The Beginning

The truth is I don't know how to get "serious" about writing. It usually just happens, or it doesn't. But man is there so ...

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Beginning

The truth is I don't know how to get "serious" about writing. It usually just happens, or it doesn't. But man is there so much to write about. I once heard a famous writer say that if you don't know what to write, write about what makes you mad. Okay, so what makes me angry, like really boils my blood? Rap music that talks about shooting people and putting down women, when Donald Trump speaks, like at all, GMO's in food, and lying. I am sure there are a few more, but that is all I have for now.

This blog will be for my thoughts about the world. Less of my dislikes and more of my hopes in moving the world forward.  In the past, my favorite topics to discuss have been motivation, culture, books, people. I write it all on my main site in a jovial way. But life, at times, has more downs than ups and I want to discuss those too.

People fascinate me, you, whoever you are, reading this fascinates me. Why? Because you exist with your thoughts and way of moving about this life. You fascinate me because you have your own belief system and ideas of happiness. You fascinate me because you are not me. You and I have probably come from different backgrounds, ideology, and upbringing. I like Mavericks basketball; you perhaps like a different team. I love caramel, even though my teeth prefer I stay away from sweets. You probably love Twizzlers. I don't understand their taste. Look, we are different, but even with our differences, we are the same. Human. Red-blooded. I bet sometimes you are sad, frustrated, nervous. I bet sometimes you cannot explain your sadness or why you feel alone in a group of people. Like me, you probably wonder why there is so much chaos in the world. Why the races of the world are still at each others neck and why we, here in America, have not moved on from our racist past, and yes, I said the word racist. I don't want to sugar coat my words here. For so long it took me awhile to call myself a writer and then it took me many years to tell the truth, to say what I wanted to say. It has been a long journey to this point, and I don't plan on peddling backward. If I offend you, it's not my intention. However, the only words worth writing is the truth, how I see it, from my shoes and my perspective, not yours. That is what makes writing worth it for me anyways.

What I hope to give you is my faithfulness. I want to be faithful to the exploration process of articulating the world as I see it in kindness, truth, and humility. I want to be loyal through consistency. I don't have a posting schedule today, but I will come here often to merely speak and be spoken to with respect, remembering our shared humanity.

I want to explore everything, and with the Freedom app, a good cup of coffee and courage I will.

See you soon.

Update: The blog's title, Between the World and Me was made popular by my writer hero, Ta-Nehisi Coates but originated from the pages of Fire Next Time by the great James Baldwin. I use the phrase with respect for both writers. We all share this deep relationship between the world and ourselves.

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