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Sunday, November 5, 2017

How much attention do you want?

How much attention do you want is the question I thought to myself after two females plopped down beside me in super low halter tops and midriffs. My mother and the culture I was raised in asked me to pick one or the other. I could either slightly expose cleavage, a slither of my waist, or my legs. To show more than one of these things was "fast" or what "loose" women did.

So, how much attention do you want I ask again? The generation coming behind my thirty-year-old self will make up their own rules, and that's okay, but again how much attention do you want or how much do you need? How much did you go without as a child? How much are you trying to make up for as an adult?

The argument that women get tons of unwanted cat-calls and lude remarks is valid. Yes, some men need to learn self-discipline and impulse control. However, just like a back and forth argument with my sisters, who is going to be the bigger person? Who is going to put a stop to the madness? Women, are we brave enough to address our need for attention and the need to feel love and belonging are the true reasons why some of us leave the house showing everything God gave us? That is the real question. I am concerned with the "why." Why we engage in this behavior? What are we after? Why we look for and push away certain kinds of attention only to go out looking for it the next day in the same way.

How much attention do you want?

If it is a lot, then do what garners you a lot of attention. You can do a Google search for what gets instant attention, your options are limitless. If you are after mild appreciation, there are examples of that in our society as well. If you want none, well scroll through my Instagram and gaze at my cleavage-less pics. I'm cool with it because what I am after cannot be manufactured (plus, I'm married. Things change after making such a commitment).

What about you?

Whatever you want, you will have. You just can't always control the response to your output.

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