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Thursday, October 26, 2017


I've found that a peaceful way to end the day is by taking a walk. Today, I took a long stroll around the city, enjoying some of the new construction in the area. The air was light, the temperature eighty-four degrees, there was a light breeze.

If I did not leave my desk when I did the gas that builds up in my stomach, and the pressure in my legs would have become much worse; this happens because when I work at my computer, I don't take many breaths. It's like I have to focus so intently that to take a breath or look away would lead to a loss of focus and thirty minutes of mental wandering. The ideas that come to me during this time of loss focus I write down if I am to remember them and list them in my idea book for later. I keep the yellow notepad open on my computer for this sort of distraction, but I must keep my mind on my work if I am to finish. Fifteen minutes after the thought, I need to take a walk.

Walking also helps me reflect. It is the only time that I can be entirely phone free without guilt because walking and texting is not an option. Usually, when I try these two things together, I end up walking in front of a car or lost, neither is helpful to relaxation and reflection.

What did I reflect on today? My subtle social media addiction stirs thoughts of the future. Will I have a manicured lawn one day? Will I own a fancy stroller for my future child? Take a splash in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea? These are just questions. The questions stir ambitious emotions and thoughts of a life away from the city. However, I love the city; it was New York that was once a city I called home and thought of living forever.

Once I've traveled the world in my head I bring my thoughts back to the present, back to center, back to gratefulness. I remember the life I have today is the life I envisioned yesterday, and if I truly want something different than I better get moving in that direction.

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