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Monday, October 23, 2017

Observed: The Businessman

photo credit: Ryan Plomp

The average businessman in my neighborhood is white, he has 2.5 kids, enjoys time alone and spends an ungodly amount of time on his phone while out with the children. His uniform is typically a baby blue or white button up, tie, no tie clip, so the thing waves in the air like an American flag in a schoolyard. 

He is on his second piece of pizza. I guess his wife is not cooking tonight. He flips one side over to meet the other, eating the thing like a hotdog instead of enjoying it the proper way, from tip to crust. The man in my sight is a 'suit,' brown shoes, white button up, black slacks. He spends his days in an office near a window. By the way, he enjoys the calm fall day, I figure his wife is out of town, and he is in no hurry to get home. Home means four walls, television, and a place to rest his body. Who could he be texting? Could he be like most men I observe in this sterile, characterless area of town, maybe satisfying his secret passions for women with dogs and selfie sticks on social media? That would be typical, let's give him a better story. He is looking up God questions on gotquestions.org curious how this whole thing, the world, is going to end. He doesn't believe in the ethereal but enjoys the thought of heaven, eternal peace, and a chance to meet the man that created this all. 

The man in the white button up finishes his pizza, recycles the trash, and heads on his way. I guess now its time to go home, the destination for all of us sooner or later. 

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